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born in 1982; laughed; got teeth and learned to speak; elementary school and grammar school at the holy oblates of Franz of Sales, graduation; no dancing course; studied two semesters communication science and theatre science at the university of Vienna; eventually media technique and design at the university of applied science in hagenberg -> christoph kaltenböck, BSc; now: time-biased media at the universtity of arts in linz

in former times affected by Bud Spencer, James Bond and the three little karate kids;
now by Kubrick, Bernhard, Chris Cunningham, Gary Hill and Jorgen Leth, Banksy, Fritz Ostermayer, Monty Phytons, Herbert Müller-Guttenbrunn, just to name a few ...

musically experienced quite a lot: first steps with remixes by "The Smurfs", Maxi power Dance Vol.3, Queen; second steps with Nofx, Nine Inch Nails, Tchaikowsky, Portishead and Mars Volta; eventually Kyuss, Aphex Twin, The Blood Brothers; now: electronic music especially minimal and lots more ... Laokoongruppe for example

coffee and tea, piano player and dj, cooking and jogging, movie enthusiast and music lover ... right, yeah